Trust Assessment

This questionnaire is designed to help you assess your level of trust with God and discover areas where you may want to take a step toward Him. The orientation is your trust in God. It is built upon two overarching categories of trust: trustworthiness and trust willingness. This assessment will only take approximately 10 minutes to complete.

For each row, select the option that is most accurate in your life.

God occasionally concerns Himself with my struggles.I am of God’s chief concerns and His love for me is immeasurable.
I mainly carry my burdens and cares without God’s help.I often bring my burdens and cares to God.
I don’t know everything God has planned ... but I believe it is out of love for me.I don’t always agree with God or His motives.
God says what He means and means what He says.I’m not always sure where God stands … like the Old versus New Testament.
I fear losing my gains to date. I could be worse off if God doesn’t come through for me.God will come through for me. He always has.
I’m honest with God and welcome Him in all parts of my life … the good, the bad, and the ugly.Certain subjects are off limits, I allow God into certain aspects of my life.
I am unlovable at times.God is love, God has always loved me.
God often sacrifices for me.God sometimes listens to my prayers and has concern for me.
God has some interest in me living a joyful life but lets me drift.God’s interest is that I live a joyful life, and He actively guides my life.
God has endless time for me and wants me to be with Him for eternity. God has little time for me. And my life is pretty full too.
God is my number one supporter.Sometimes God works against me for the benefit of other concerns.
I am passive in my approach in building trust with God. God is too distant.I am active in my attempts to build a relationship with God.
I often seek His voice and listen to His counsel and ever-present wisdom.I seldom seek God’s voice and often struggle to hear what He is saying.
God cares for me in general.God cares for me specifically and takes pleasure in me.
God has unlimited love for me.God is chiefly concerned about Himself and His universe and less about my life.
God’s output is uneven and unpredictable.God delivers the same level of effort in His work 100% of the time.
I always take the safest path, the path I can see.I am willing to risk not knowing and giving up on the known.
My relationship with God is based on His love for me.My relationship with God is based on several untested assumptions.
I’m not sure why bad things happen to peopleI have a lot of opinions on why bad things happen to good people.
What God does doesn't match what He says.God walks His talk.
God has my welfare as His concern. He will not let me fail.I've been let down before, I hesitate to trust God again. I’ve taken falls before.
I keep showing up and working on my relationship with GodI have tried before to build trust with God, but have given up.
My trust in God goes to zero in new situations.I put my life in God’s hands as new chapters unfold.
I trust God will provide for me and come through for me. I trust no decision made without my own input, influence, and self-interest.
Given my sin, sometimes God writes me off.God’s grace has washed away all my sin.
God’s positions vary depending on the person He is talking to.God’s positions are consistent with His espoused core values.
God is all-powerful and has the ability to change the course of my life and the world.God is powerful, but so is the world.
God’s commitments lie outside of our relationship.God's love for me is eternal, unbounded, and unlimited.
I am open to learning about God’s plan for me, although my understanding is limited.I have evidence of God’s indifference toward me and the world … there's lots of evil going on.
God doesn’t have time for me.God welcomes me repeatedly, as a father welcomes a son/daughter.
God rarely keeps His commitments.God often follows through on His commitments.
God is occasionally interested in my life.God is present and available to me at any time.
Being awake to God takes more energy than I have available.I will not take my eye from God, I'm willing to risk taking my eye off the world.
I am honest and transparent about my shortcomings.I attempt to hide my shortcomings and failures from God.
God plans for me and I am in God’s plans.God acts without consideration for me. He has bigger issues.
God knows all our thoughts, I am truly transparent with God.You should not cry out in pain or anger to God, it's better to hide these emotions.
Jesus was a good man, but not God.Jesus came so I could be in relationship with God.