On June 16, 2016, the lights went out on pastor Steve Mickel.

The sudden death of his 21- year-old son plunged him into deep darkness, causing his long-held faith to hang in the balance.

Had everything he’d ever learned and taught about God been a sham? Why would God allow such a catastrophe? What if He’d even caused it?

With refreshing honesty and humble compassion, the author boldly confronts the soul- searching questions we all ask when darkness falls. When you’re trying to navigate your pain, questioning God’s true character and trustworthiness, this book will be your headlamp.

About the Author

Steve Mickel grew up in the home of a pastor, faithfully attending church every week. He graduated from LIFE Pacific University with a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and a masters in strategic leadership. The sudden death of his 21-year-old son plunged him into deep despair, and caused him to question whether or not God is trustworthy. All the years of pastoring, church planting, and mission work in Croatia had not prepared him to face the sudden tragedy of his son’s death.

With his wife of over 26 years, Suzanne, their three sons and daughter-in-law, along with an amazing host of friends and family, they navigated the valley of the shadow of death and discovered a deeper and more sustaining trust in Jesus.

Presently, Steve serves as the Lead Pastor at Westside Church in Bend, Oregon and loves spending time with his family, riding his motorcycle, and enjoying the outdoors. Even through life’s hardships, Steve continues to encourage people to connect with Jesus in meaningful and purpose-filled ways. Steve writes at his blog, stevemickel.com.

"His story is true. His testimony is honest. A must read for anyone confused by God."

A.J. Swoboda

Praise for Walking in the Dark